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Version Difference

[2009/11/01] Version 1.1.1

  • Webservices modules are integrated with the main ULYQUID core modules.
  • All system webservices are now configured to communicate using SSL access.
  • New services now allows you to pick the system's WSDL files, the service name candidates, and the default function of that service.
  • Registered workflow services now have default values automatically inserted in each parameter fields, if any.
  • Optional fields in the system services now allows you to select a value from the default options.
  • Service parameter tool tips are now displayed when the mouse cursor is over the parameter name field.
  • Added "Add Service" link in the workflow settings page.
  • Workflow list menus for "Execute Instance" and "Terminate Instance" are renamed to "Execute Workflow" and "Terminate Workflow" respectively.
  • The name and link to the current project is now displayed on the top right corner of each page.

[2009/10/14] Version 1.1.0

  • Workflow plugin is formally released (Previously alpha version).
    • Workflows doesn't require creating instances any more. Instances are automatically created when workflow settings are updated.
      • Workflow execution status can now be viewed from the workflow index page.
    • Service function and parameter descriptions are now displayed as tool tip in the workflow settings screen.
    • For service function parameters that require reference to category ID or file ID, a dir/file selection box appears for entering IDs.
  • Sub menu for each data rows are removed. Instead, a context menu is displayed when the item name is left-clicked.
  • Fixed JavaScript Error: "obj is null" when assigning an empty function for a service.
  • Default locale is set to Japanese instead of English.
  • Performance improvement for file list tree view of File plugin.
  • Main menu now displays as a dropdown. Each plugin sub-menus are merged to the main menu.
  • Interface design improvements.

[2009/09/15] Version 1.0.0

  • Initial Release