Legend Of JADE (Japanese)

Legend Of JADE (originally known as JADE2) was developed by the Ulysses Records.Net (Uly.Net) community that was formed online. It was our first freeware game developed by voluntarily participation over the Internet. The development took almost 4 years to complete, but we gained valuable skills and knowledge in many areas including graphic design, event planning, technical programming, online project management and so on. Also we developed our first online project management system (which lead to developing our core product: project management system - ULYQUID) that improved drastically in terms of resource and task management.

Developing RPG's like Legend Of JADE is somewhat difficult and time consuming, because there are many components that make up the game. For example, you need expertise in programming, graphic design, music composition, story/plot planning, project management, etc. To make things easier, we selected tools and motifs that are familiar to all developers. Visual Basic (with DirectX7) was chosen for the programming language and Earth Bound (An award-winning RPG released from Nintendo) was selected as a motif to standardize the game system and graphical components.

Illusion Garden (Japanese)

Illusion Garden was yet another experimental game developed for the hand-held game console "Wonder Swan" (by BANDAI) designed to run under an official OS called "Wonder Witch" (released by Qute). The game was applied for an official contest held by BANDAI/Qute and was qualified for presentation at the contest venue.