System Development, Web Design, Software Application Development

System development and web design is one of our core services since company establishment. We provide Web-based systems and also desktop applications to satisfy our customer needs in various areas. Here are some examples of what we provide:

  • System architecture design and coding in general
  • Web-based systems: Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP
  • Desktop/Console applications (e.g. C#, C++)
  • Web design in general
  • Web site hosting & maintenance
  • HTML coding (includes css, javascript, etc)
  • Layout design
  • SEO
  • FLASH animations
  • 3D graphics modeling & rendering
  • Multimedia in general
  • Sound Recording
  • Music compositions

You may also be interested in integrating our extensible project management system (ULYQUID) with your existing business workflow to achieve a better, faster, efficient task and resource management. We also develop business specific plug-ins for ULYQUID that meet your business needs. Contact us at for more detailed information.